The use of ozone disinfection in daily life


The use of ozone disinfection in daily life


With the improvement of people's living standards and the gradual attention to health awareness, the demand for green, environment-friendly and efficient food preservation and clean space is increasingly strong. Ozone as a preservative, purifier, on the one hand, can effectively kill microorganisms, and antibacterial spectrum is wide; on the other hand, ozone has inhibitory effect on the respiratory metabolism process of fruits and vegetables. Its metabolites are green and pollution-free, and the cost of preparation and use is relatively low, so it has a very broad application prospect. Ozone technology is suitable for various fields in daily life, which makes the demand of ozone products in the market gradually increase.


The air pollution is the most serious in indoor, closed and vehicle. Ozone air purifier can remove most of the toxic substances and odor in the air, such as CO, volatile matter of paint or paint, cigarette smoke, biological odor, etc., and can kill various infectious bacteria and viruses in the air.


According to the survey, 50% of the diseases in rural areas are caused by drinking water pollution. Unfortunately, with the development of economy, science and technology, the quality of drinking water has not been improved satisfactorily. In big cities, although the tap water is filtered and purified before leaving the factory, the long-term water supply pipeline and the water tank of high-rise buildings are easy to cause secondary pollution, which makes the content of bacteria and various harmful substances seriously exceed the standard. In addition, relevant studies have shown that chloroform, halogenated organic compounds and other carcinogens are contained in tap water treated with chlorine. The use of water purifiers is not hygienic and safe. According to research, due to the long-term accumulation of water in the water purifier, there are bacteria breeding in the outlet pipe. When the temperature is appropriate, algae will grow in the water purifier sometimes, and some of the algae toxins are a strong carcinogen. Ozone treatment of drinking water can put an end to all the above hazards, so that people can drink truly clean and safe water. Because ozone in water can not only kill all bacteria and other microorganisms, but also effectively remove organic poisons in water. At the same time, it will not produce halogenated hydrocarbons produced by chlorine disinfection, so as to completely cut off the hidden danger of disease in drinking water.


The kitchen utensils, tableware, children's toys, underwear and underwear in the family are the places where bacteria breed in large quantities and the transmission ways of many kinds of bacteria. Washing and soaking with ozone water can completely sterilize and disinfect, and inhibit the growth of various microorganisms, so as to achieve the effect of anti bacteria. At the same time, washing clothes with ozone water can improve the washing effect. Disinfection, detoxification and preservation of fish, fruits and vegetables and other foods. Cleaning, soaking or storing fish meat, fruits, vegetables and other foods in ozone containing environment (such as ozone refrigerator) can kill bacteria and other microorganisms attached to them, inhibit their breeding and reproduction, and prolong their storage and preservation time. The food treated with ozone water can also eliminate all kinds of peculiar smell and taste delicious. Ozone is disinfected by its strong oxidation performance, and the residual ozone will decompose into oxygen by itself. Air generator is often used without secondary pollution such as residual and by-products, which makes the treated water clear, blue and fresh.

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